About Us


Epic Africa is a project born in the hands of highly experienced professionals within the football sector with the vision of carefully selecting and developing future professional football players from Africa.

Our vast list of contacts and experience, acquired throughout decades in the football business has allowed us to underline strategic ventures with several clubs and academies in Senegal, Gambia and Mali, among others.  We have invested a vast amount of time and resource in this exciting and challenging project. There is a plethora of talent in the region.  With our professional infrastructure we will find and nurture that talent as well and putting back into grass root African football development.


We envision a future in which Africa can claim its place on the global stage in football.  Investing in the development of youth will enable talented players to progress to the next level, allowing them to achieve their true potential. This commitment to continued growth is a step towards establishing Africa’s position as the No.1 continent in the export of football talent worldwide.  With sustained investment and commitment to building infrastructure, we aim to drive continued professionalism and development in the continent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage youth football players in Africa, offering a depth of knowledge and experience in the training and nurturing of young talent.  Our aim is to help develop their skills on and off the pitch so that they can realise their true potential, and ultimately allowing them to secure the best opportunities within the industry.  Through a combination of education, training, and mentoring from professional academies and clubs, we will provide a platform in which players can grow both as football players but more importantly as individuals.  We will provide them with the exposure they will require in major leagues worldwide, helping them realise their dreams as professional football players.

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