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Epic Africa redefines player development and creates exciting opportunities for future professional footballers from all over Africa. We believe in lasting and meaningful relationships with our players and their families. We are changing lives.

Education, Training & Fun

Seize Your Moment

The Live Your Dreams academy will be an exciting learning experience. The academy aims at providing a suitable environment for young players to develop their skills on and off the pitch, using a well-developed learning curriculum.

An academic programme runs parallel to the football programme. Academic success and athletic achievement are on an equal footing in the academy.

The academy will allow 200 kids from the ages of 14-18 to board in quality accommodation and carry out their studies in well-equipped classrooms under the tutelage of qualified teaching professionals.

The academy will provide a safe learning environment for the players and innovative education courses in English, French, Spanish, Mathematics, Computing and also Agriculture.

The Live Your Dreams academy is a school of football and we want all our graduates to be well-rounded athletes with a formal education to help further their careers as they prepare to move into adulthood.

Sport & Academic Features

Education in and off the pitch

First class education  paired with a professional football training that unlocks future potential is guaranteed to provide a solid foundation for future growth. Together with 200 kids the acadamy will be a place of learning, sports training and lots of fun.

Full Board

4 Football Pitches

Extensive Outdoor gym

Language Program

Mathematics &

Football Training

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Team of True


The live your dreams sports academy will feature top professionals on and off the pitch.

Under the supervision of our experts, our staff will provide a leading educational curriculum.

William Abraham

A businessman born, raised and educated in The Gambia, William has been the President of Real De Banjul Football Club,  the most successful football club in The Gambia. He has been involved in football for over 30 years and truly offers a wealth of experience. Through his in-depth knowledge of the transfer market he has successfully impacted the lives of over 100 players. One thing for sure is that William loves developing football from the grassroots.

Ricardo Peres

With 16 years of experience as a coach in different areas of the football performance, Ricardo Peres participated in various competitions with the Portugal National Team like World Cup 2014 and Euro Cup 2012, clubs competitions like Champions league , Europe League, Domestic Leagues in Portugal, Greece and Brazil, Ricardo also managed the Olympiacos Academy as a Technical Director. This background creates a transversal football expertise that results in the key strategies to the football Epic Sports development.

Bakary Jammeh

Bakary has been involved in Club Management since 1988, first as Secretary General and currently as Vice President of Rea de Banjul FC. In the past he has occupied various leading positions in the Gambia Football Association Marketing Committee currently being a member of CAF Youth Committee (U17,U20 & U23). In his illustrious business career, he has also occupied a varied range of managing and financial positions across a wide field of industries and business sectors.


Ali Barat

With an exceptional wealth of knowledge Ali has now been a licensed agent and Intermediary for over 10 years. With a strong sales background he achieved a top pedigree in negotiating deals at the highest level and brokering high-profile, and importantly difficult deals.

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